Unsurpassed simplicity in the verification of
USt ID numbers.

Our solution is fully integrated with Excel and offers you incredible flexibility in preparing, auditing and automating your processes.

  • Easy manageability
  • Mass verification within minutes
  • Qualified confirmation by BZSt.
  • Correction and master data maintenance
  • PDF report with qualified digital signature
  • DSGVO & GoBD compliant (IDW PS880 audited)
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Is there an easier way to maintain master data?

With the VAT ID checker you will find out all the correct master data within a few seconds, and you will be able to compare them with yours in the easiest way… Try it!

Complete data determination only on the basis of the VAT ID number

The VAT ID checker is able to identify all correct address components based only on the VAT ID and even return them in a structured form. Thus, you can check the whole dataset with only 2 mouse clicks.

Qualified confirmation as audit-proof PDF

With the VAT ID checker, you can create an audit-proof PDF with a qualified digital signature in just a few seconds. This allows you to prove at any time that you have performed the check and that the data is unchanged without a complex archiving system.

SDK - interface can be integrated into any system

The REST and SOAP interfaces SDK from the VAT ID checker are easy to integrate into any system. They cover a wide range of functions within just one API call. They offer significant added value by automatically detecting incorrect addresses and data and automatically suggesting the correct results, even in a mass verification process. In addition, you also receive the audit-proof qualified PDF with digital signature via the interface.

All testing options of our software visualized and described in short videos

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Have we convinced you?

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